My First Visit

Your first visit to our office is a step on a journey to better oral health. Our staff will discuss your diagnosis and treatment options. Each patient must be treated individually, according to their needs and their medical history. In many cases, a second appointment will be needed for a surgery or other invasive procedure.

Please bring the following for your consultation:

  • Your surgical referral slip
  • X-rays
  • Medications list, including non-prescriptions taken regularly
  • Medical and dental insurance information
  • Completed Forms


Your X-Rays may be forwarded to our office by your dentist or physician. Please make sure this has occurred. Otherwise, it is best to pick up a copy and bring them with you.

CT Scans

On your first visit, it is likely that we will suggest a computed technology (CT) scan. A 3D image offers a higher degree of accuracy than the 2-D X-ray. Our cone-beam CT technology is used for surgical planning and treatment, TMJ analysis, implants, and airway assessment. We use CT Scans to show every aspect of the patient’s teeth, jaw, and facial bone structure.

Surgical Requirements

If your surgery requires a Class IV anesthesia, your first visit will include a physical examination and a preoperative consultation.

Before a surgery can take place, the surgeons must have knowledge of your complete medical history. Certain medical conditions may prohibit surgery or, otherwise, alter the surgeon’s plans. Examples include high blood pressure, asthma, and artificial heart valves or joints.

Likewise, certain medications may need to be out of your system before surgery can take place. This includes anti-coagulants, aspirin, and some cardiac medications. Be sure to discuss your medications with our staff before scheduling surgery. Only our highly qualified physicians can advise you about the best course of action with regards to medications and oral surgery.

Surgical patients must:

  • Nothing to eat or drink after midnight the night before surgery.
  • Pre-arrange a ride home after surgery with a responsible adult over the age of 18 - The driver must stay in the office during the entire procedure

Financing & Insurance

Please provide your insurance information at your consultation.

Our knowledgeable staff is ready to help you with your financing questions. We will work with you to secure the maximum allowable insurance reimbursement for covered services. Our goal is to find financial options for the care you need. Before you arrive for your first visit, you may want to discuss your insurance requirements with our staff. Office Phone Number 314-726-2755.

If you need additional help with financing your treatment, please use this link to learn about CareCredit.

Your insurance information is required before beginning your treatment. Please bring your insurance card to your first visit.

Gateway Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons of St. Louis works with many insurers. However, it is essential that you notify us of your insurance company and policy information to allow arrangements to be made for reimbursement. As you know, not all insurance companies cover the same treatments, and we want to be sure you have the relevant coverage information you need before treatment begins.

If you have any questions or concerns, please discuss these with our staff prior to your initial visit. You may call 314-726-2755 (Clayton).

Patient Forms

Patient Referral Form


Confidential Patient Information


Confidential Medical Information


Acknowledgement Receipt


Financial Policy


NPO Sedation Instructions


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