Immediate Implants

What are Immediate Implants?

Immediate Implants are a dental procedure in which a dental implant, typically a titanium post, is placed into the jawbone immediately after a tooth extraction. This technique allows for the placement of a prosthetic tooth shortly after the extraction, reducing the waiting period usually associated with traditional implant procedures.

What are the benefits of Immediate Implants?

The benefits of Immediate Implants are numerous. They streamline the treatment process, saving time and reducing the number of appointments. Patients can regain their smile and functionality sooner, avoiding the inconvenience of living without a tooth. Moreover, they help preserve bone density by stimulating the jawbone, which is crucial for maintaining facial structure. Generally, the immediate implant process will shorten the healing period in half, in contrast to the two stage implant option.

Who is a candidate for immediate implants?

Candidates for immediate implants generally include individuals with good oral health, sufficient bone density, and who are in a condition that allows for the safe placement of the implant immediately after extraction. However, it's crucial to consult with a dentist to assess a patient's suitability.

What to expect during the Immediate Implant process

During the Immediate Implant process, patients can expect a thorough examination of their dental and medical history. The extraction is performed, followed by immediate implant placement and bone grafting.  In some select cases a temporary crown may be placed directly onto the implant for aesthetics. Patients should expect some post-procedure discomfort, but the process significantly reduces downtime compared to traditional implant methods. Follow-up appointments are essential to monitor healing and ensure the implant's success.

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